Introducing Aria, a premium bath tissue designed with the environment in mind.

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— Meet Aria


The Inspiration

Aria began with a simple mission: To make a better toilet paper by combining premium quality with sustainable design. Our premium tissue starts with the right ingredients: locally and sustainably sourced trees. These are mixed together to create a product that’s both ultra soft and ultra strong. Then we utilize a proprietary manufacturing process to craft a thick and absorbent tissue so it’s a pleasure to use. But giving you a premium product is only half the story.

— About Aria —

The Journey

We believe that a better toilet paper should also be better for the environment. So we examined the entire life cycle, from raw materials through manufacturing, looking for ways to make a more sustainably designed product.

  • Locally & sustainably sourced trees
  • Innovative, energy-efficient manufacturing technology
  • 100% renewable, biomass power
  • Plant-based*, recyclable packaging
  • Planting 3 new trees for every 1 we use

Let’s face it. Our resources on this planet are not unlimited. So we believe in continuously refining our processes to find better ways to deliver a product that you will love while keeping our planet healthy for future generations to love.

This is just the beginning of our journey. We hope you will join us as we relentlessly pursue better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aria toilet paper septic-safe and biodegradable?
Yes, Aria toilet paper is septic-safe and biodegradable.

What do you mean by “locally and sustainably sourced trees?”
While some toilet papers use trees grown thousands of miles away in Canada or Brazil, we source our trees within a 100-mile radius of our mill. Moreover, our wood and fiber sourcing (procurement) practices are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Certified Sourcing Standard. As a company that does not own forestland, SFI Fiber Sourcing certification is a vital platform for improving sustainable forestry practices on all lands, and assures that our wood sourcing practices are legal and sustainable.

How is the manufacturing technology energy-efficient?
The papermaking process requires large amounts of heat and water to turn fiber ‘slush’ into dry tissue. Our technology allows us to be efficient with our use of water and energy by recycling the water and mechanically removing a portion of water before drying. For the energy that is consumed, we use 100% renewable, bio-mass power made from bark, wood residues and by-products from pulping.

What is 100% renewable, bio-mass power?
Bark, wood residues and by-products from pulping are used to create energy at our paper plant. Known as “woody biomass” fuels, they supply 100 percent of the energy required for Aria. Biomass fuels reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and demand for purchased electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What is plant-based, recyclable packaging?
The majority of Aria packaging (51%) is made from bio-based materials, specifically sugarcane, rather than entirely from fossil-fuels. Our plant-based packaging is also 100% recyclable – just take it to your local store drop-off. For more information on recycling or to find a drop-off location near you, visit

What does it mean that you plant 3 new trees for every 1 used?
At the Aria brand, we believe it is important to give more than you take. So while most of our suppliers will plant one new tree for every one they sell, we believe in going a step further and planting 3 more trees for every one we use by partnering with other organizations. We are currently planting trees in the DeSoto National Forest in southern Mississippi in partnership with The Longleaf Alliance. These trees will help restore habitats for at-risk wildlife species such as the Gopher Tortoise and Red Cockaded Woodpecker. They will also help reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution. According to the US Forest Service, 100 trees can remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of other air pollutants per year.

How does Aria differ from recycled toilet paper products?
Aria tissue is made from virgin fiber, which gives it a premium softness and strength not possible with recycled fibers. Did you know that paper can only be recycled 5-7 times before the fibers become too short and stiff to be usable? (Source: Environmental Protection Agency) But if you use recycled fiber in toilet paper, it cannot be recovered (you flushed it, remember?) That means with every flush, you may be losing opportunities for that fiber to be re-used in commonly-recycled items like cardboard boxes. We believe that recycling is an important step that everyone can take to reduce their environmental footprint. That’s why all of our components are 100% recyclable: the plastic packaging and the cardboard tube.

Where can I purchase Aria bath tissue?
Aria is available for purchase at in both 12 Mega roll packs and 24 Mega roll packs.

Questions? Comments?
Email us or call us toll free in the continental U.S., 1-800-283-5547. We’re open 8AM–5PM EST, Monday through Friday.